Parotex at EXPOdetergo: excellence for industrial laundries

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Parotex at EXPOdetergo: excellence for industrial laundries

Parotex will also be exhibiting at EXPOdetergo 2022, Europe’s and the world’s leading event for everything related to supplies to industrial laundries


Parotex will be among the exhibitors at EXPOdetergo 2022, the first exhibition in Europe dedicated to machines, technologies, products, and services for laundry, ironing, and textile cleaning, which is promoted every four years by Fiera Milano and EXPOdetergo. A moment of meeting and comparison for the industrial laundry sector, at a turning point between recovery and expectations for the future.

The fair will be held in Rho from October 21 to 24, hosting numerous entities related to different sectors of interest. A fair with an international scope will also become an important time to take stock of the global situation regarding the industrial laundry sector and the industry in general.

EXPOdetergo: a new challenge under the sign of sustainability

A sector that is not exactly in the spotlight, that of industrial laundry, but a mirror of a reality that is, to say the least, fundamental for numerous areas that are important for the European economy and not only, the HO.RE.CA sector in the lead, even if coming from a contingency that is not excessively favorable. EXPOdetergo was created precisely to highlight the realities of this sector, among which there will be the participation of Parotex.


“Fiera Milano will welcome the world excellence of a sector that is perhaps little known, but around which revolves an allied industry of more than 12,000 proximity laundries and more than 1100 industrial laundries, which together generate a turnover of about 3.5 billion euros. These are the words of Livio Bassan, president of EXPOdetergo International

“Ripartire Insieme”, restart together: these words open the video presentation of the fair in 2022. EXPOdetergo is ready to restart under the sign of a new, innovative project, crossed by new challenges that are crucial for the market today. Environment, sustainability, digitization, as well as hygiene and sanitization: themes that are now always topical and will be central throughout the duration of the fair. In short, a restart that relates both to the complex period that has just passed and to the desire to bring innovation also to the sector and the entire supply chain, for example, hotel textile supplies that Parotex represents.

Parotex at EXPOdetergo

An expression of Made in Italy for excellence in the sector of supplying industrial laundries with fabrics dedicated to hotels and restaurants, Parotex will be among the guests at the EXPOdetergo fair. Participation is certainly dictated by a sharing of values between the two companies, both ready to give space to new issues that are now more essential than ever, and by the desire to give more and more strength to a production sector that is fundamental to European and world tourism economies, including the Italian.


Tourism economies increasingly need quality products to improve the customer experience, but also sustainability and innovative products that enable, for example, increased product lifecycles and improved sustainability throughout the supply chain, from manufacture to subsequent management, including wash cycles. This is also why Parotex is committed to bringing quality and innovation, two of the foundations of the company’s vision, to the world of textile hotel supplies.

Parotex will be present at EXPOdetergo International to bring its two key values: tradition and innovation. The tradition of quality thanks to which partners in the industrial laundry industry have come to recognize the company, and innovation, declined in a new collection specifically designed for industrial laundries, characterized by greater durability and even better washability aimed at reducing waste and containing processing costs.

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