Between excellence and eco-sustainability: the participation of Parotex in EXPOdetergo 2022

Parotex  News   Between excellence and eco-sustainability: the participation of Parotex in EXPOdetergo 2022

Between excellence and eco-sustainability: the participation of Parotex in EXPOdetergo 2022

Among the many companies that participated in EXPOdetergo, Parotex was also among the protagonists, presenting future innovations and telling about its experience between Made in Italy and sustainability.

EXPOdetergo International, after the canonical four years, has finally returned to Milan. It is one of the most important fairs dedicated to textile maintenance and washing products, and from October 20th to 24th, Rho Fiera hosted after a very long wait many companies from all over the world.


A great many visitors were able to experience firsthand the excellence of this sector and find out which key players are working every day to develop new technologies under the banner of maximum quality. Of course, Parotex, Italian excellence in the production of fabrics for industrial laundries, was not absent, presenting new products and technologies that look to the future with an eye to quality and sustainability.

Parotex at EXPOdetergo 2022: toward a future of quality and sustainability

At the 19th edition of the fair, Parotex was also among the guest companies at EXPOdetergo 2022. “We have been focusing on Made in Italy for years and in 2010, Casarovea was born. A brand that exports our know-how and artisan spirit to America and the world”, said Stefania Rovea, CFO of Parotex, who presented the company and all the main future innovations, including the new product Helico..


“Helico is a range of innovative fabrics”, says Stefania, “a series of products with patented technology to heavily save energy consumption and limit water waste during various washing cycles.” A product designed specifically for industrial laundries to allow considerable savings in water and energy waste.

Helico, an innovative product for a changing marketplace

The hotel industry, like many other markets, is looking toward ecology and sustainability, without forgetting the increasingly topical need to contain costs and consumption. The Helico fabric, based on patented technology, was created with these very goals in mind.


In fact, thanks to its unique features, it allows for reduced water consumption in washing cycles, the use of fewer chemicals, and low energy consumption by reducing emissions. “It is a product designed specifically for industrial laundries” -explains Stefania Rovea-“it leads to lower water consumption, therefore also to reduced energy waste”. A sustainable product starts with production: the fabric in fact brings significant advantages, in terms of optimal use of resources, from the production point of view.

Sustainability in a long-term vision project

The vision of Parotex is a choice that has been going on for years and is rooted in the company’s philosophy, which sustainably looks to the future. The company has long been studying innovative solutions and fabrics to minimize environmental impact. Not only quality, control of the supply chain, and a spirit of craftsmanship and 100% Made in Italy: even in the luxury textile sector, it has now become essential to take an increasingly environmentally sensitive approach, aimed at reducing material and energy waste.


Working and striving to ensure eco-sustainable production has now become a fundamental part of Parotex’s mission: for years the company has also been offering a series of innovative fabrics intending to reduce environmental impact, such as Eco-Friendly, an organic cotton linen product destined for American countries, which has immediately found great market success, or ReNew, a product made with recycled yarn destined instead for Scandinavian countries, where it has been received with a great interest for its innovative features.

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