Tailor-Made Projects: the Made to Measure service

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Tailor-Made Projects: the Made to Measure service

To meet the needs of any type of accommodation facility, Tailor Made service is ideal: here’s why and how it works.

When it comes to textile supplies for hotels, restaurants, and other Horeca establishments, quality is imperative, especially for technical operators, such as industrial laundries, whose profit depends directly on the quality of the products they choose. But this is not the only thing that matters. There are cases where some facilities need an ad hoc, tailor-made service, made especially for them and for specific needs. A Tailor Made service, involving fabrics designed for a specific situation, all always under the sign of the highest quality that only Made in Italy can guarantee.

Let’s find out more about Parotex’s “Made to Measure” service, how it works and what all the steps are.

Tailor Made service

Style, sophistication, quality materials, and high durability. Whether they are fabrics dedicated to the table, the bedroom, or bathrooms and spas, thanks to the Made to Measure service, it is possible to meet the most specific needs of each customer to propose a list that can offer first-rate solutions.

We are not only talking about collections that include a wide range of products, but also about sizes, colors, packaging, and compositions, which can vary from 100 percent cotton to a linen or polyester blend if we are talking about the table, percale, and satin fabrics for bedrooms, or bathroom linen items made of extra-absorbent, soft-touch fabric

All of this, of course, can be declined in various shapes and colors: a path aimed at creating a set suitable for all activities and establishments in the Horeca sector, which suppliers in close contact with the customer and his needs and expectations will be able to propose, with the certainty of always having a product adapted to their needs in terms of washability, durability, and preservation of characteristics.

How the Made to Measure service works: the various steps

Parotex’s Made to Measure service begins with a listening phase, where the customer is followed from A to Z, all the way to the final realization. It begins with design and development, as well as the evaluation of possible customization of items.

Once the digital design is made, the process moves on to the creation of the sample, which allows it to dress all the environments for which it is intended. Finally, the process reaches its last stage: the production proper. Parotex is a 100% Made in Italy supply chain, which guarantees a final product of the highest possible quality based on the highest market standards. Every process is managed in-house or outsourced to trusted companies, passing through the skilled craftsmen’s hands that have made the Italian manufacturing sector famous.

At the end of the production process, the Made to Measure set is delivered to the customer in a speedy manner and in the quality in which Parotex distinguishes itself. A journey with the customer, to produce a set of final products that can meet his or her every expectation. Relying on a Tailor-Made service allows restaurants, hotels, and spas to be able to distinguish themselves from direct competitors by choosing a set of custom fabrics that are impeccable in quality and original, personalized with logos, designs, or other features.

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