La Repubblica reports Parotex and Casarovea

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La Repubblica reports Parotex and Casarovea

From Made in Italy to post-pandemic recovery, via sustainability and present and future projects: La Repubblica article writes about Parotex and Casarovea.

Within the in-depth Luxury-themed section, La Repubblica devoted a space to Parotex, telling the story of the company, with a special focus on Casarovea, a brand dedicated to the international market, and its present and future goals. These include a continued focus on sustainability and the Qatar 2022 project, which covered the recently completed World Cup. Here are the main points of the in-depth study.

Parotex: Made in Italy and a guarantee of quality

Excellence, Made in Italy, sustainability, and Taylor-Made: these are the keywords of the interesting in-depth article published in the Luxury section of La Repubblica, which offers an exhaustive overview of Parotex and the Casarovea brand, created in 2010 to offer a point of reference in the international market. Founded in 1976 by current President Gelmino Rovea, Parotex is led today by his two children Stefania and Andrea, the current CEO, with the assistance of Elisabetta Bonaiti as product, office style, and marketing manager.

Hotel chains, cruise ships, restaurants, and hotels are Casarovea’s main clients, offering fabrics and supplies made entirely in Italy, under the sign of quality and through a supply chain controlled at every step. The lines studied, in addition to standing out for the excellence of the materials and their durability, are designed for an offer that guarantees the best from an aesthetic point of view as well (to be reviewed). Sizes, packaging, colors, as well as compositions ranging from linen to Egyptian cotton, all the way to environmentally sustainable fabrics. Unique products, designed for any situation, but most importantly customized to the needs of the end customer. Whether it is a logo, a design, a particular design, or another, each request is accepted and studied to make a sample, which after approval, is followed by production.

The post-pandemic recovery

Even though the Horeca sector suffered significant slowdowns during the most difficult periods of the pandemic, Parotex was able to focus its energies on investments for the future, fine-tuning new technologies and products to be able to respond to the market effectively during the recovery. It was a strategic choice that made all the difference, with the reopening of first the American market and then the Italian and European markets. As of today, the expectation is that we will soon be back in full operation.

Sustainability as a core value

Not missing is a look at sustainability, a value that is now part of Parotex’s DNA and that the company promotes through new products and innovative processes that are environmentally friendly. Among these, worth mentioning is the new product Re-New, dedicated to the Northern European market: this is a line of fabrics presented in 2019, which are made with a portion of pre-consumer offcuts and recycled plastic bottles, which through special production processes are regenerated and transformed into an eco-sustainable fabric. This is a further step in a journey that began several years ago: just think of Casarovea’s Eco-Friendly line, which was made entirely from organic fabrics and was intended especially for the North American market.

The Qatar 2022 project

Finally, a brief focus on one of Casarovea’s most interesting projects, which concerns the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Precisely for the famous event, the Karata Towers were designed to depict the traditional scimitar swords, the national seal of Qatar. Several luxury hotels and restaurants have been built within them in turn, and Casarovea was responsible for the interior design and supplies for a total of 15 restaurants, including a world-renowned multi-starred. Another great achievement for Parotex and for the excellence that only Made in Italy can guarantee.

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