Made in Italy excellence in a family’s story!

Parotex  News   Made in Italy excellence in a family’s story!

Made in Italy excellence in a family’s story!

Almost 50 years in business, a family that has always worked with great passion and attention to quality, the history of Parotex has firm roots strongly linked to the Italian textile tradition.

A long journey in which Gelmino Rovea, who founded the business in 1976, has involved his children Stefania and Andrea, investing every day in people, technologies and research and development, becoming a benchmark in the industry.  Parotex was founded with the goal of producing and distributing high-quality linens destined for Italian and European industrial laundries.

From this story and from what are the cornerstones of Parotex, in 2010 the brand CASAROVEA was born, which manufactures products and offers services dedicated to international markets, with the aim of guaranteeing the best hotels and restaurants in the world the Italian quality and style for table, bed and bathroom textile fittings.

A great example of responsible entrepreneurship 

Staff specialization, expertise in product development, and technological innovation guarantee this all-Italian production a high level of quality. The production cycle is carefully controlled at every stage. It starts with the careful selection of fine linen and cotton raw materials, passing through the careful processing and flexibility in weaving – which takes advantage of a technologically advanced fleet of machines allowing the production of items in different heights. It continues with the use of exclusively Indanthrene dyes selected for resistance to industrial washing, and with weaving and finishing with REACH-compliant products, to packaging with hand-cut garment by garment and straight-threaded for greater stability, all the way to the expeditious shipment of the packaged and custom-made product.

The attention to detail and the continuous research aimed at the quality and uniqueness of the product, thanks also to the possibility of customizing each garment, makes this Italian company a great example of responsible, serious, reliable, innovative, and competitive entrepreneurship in the world. Everything is thought of from the perspective of the philosophy of the Rovea family, which has always worked by seeking the beautiful and the well-made.

The excellence of Parotex products is certified by the integrated Quality and Environment system EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). The company has also obtained the GOTS (Global OrganicTextile Standard) certification – the international standard for the certification of textile products made with natural fibers from organic agriculture – and the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), promoted by Textile Exchange, which recognizes the importance of recycling for a sustainable production and consumption model, reducing the waste of resources as much as possible.

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