The “made-to-measure” of Parotex

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The “made-to-measure” of Parotex

Loving what you do and listening to customers’ needs are the cornerstones on which Parotex’s work has continually been developed. Carefully crafted by master artisans, tailored, and customized, Parotex textile products can meet the needs of every customer.

A supplier since 1976 of linens for national and international luxury hotels and restaurants, among the many services offered by Parotex to its customers, is “made-to-measure.” A service carried out by meticulously following every step, from design and development to customization of each item to create unique, elegant, and refined, yet durable and versatile garments, as the professional sector requires.

At Parotex, constant investments in technological innovation allow the company to stay one step ahead. At the same time, artisan tradition allows anchoring to what are the cornerstones of ancient work that also encompasses a profound ethical dimension. These aspects marry and harmonize to give rise to unique and exclusive projects. Research, quality, class, and elegance of an all-Italian style that sets the standard in the world.

The production of a custom piece 

The advanced technology that Parotex uses, and the experience of master craftsmen make it possible to produce ad hoc table, bed, and bath linens to meet even complex needs, offering the highest guarantee of manufacturing quality, thanks to meticulous control of the entire textile supply chain. It all starts right from the design phase, from the fine-tuning of the idea that is developed in consultation with the customer. A critical phase, accompanied by the support of qualified personnel, is followed by the creation of the digital project that allows the customer to be able to visualize the style, the positioning of their logo on the fabric, or the embroidery chosen to decorate the linen and possibly make further adjustments or variations before arriving at the final version.

After this stage, we move on to sample making, which, thanks to many years of cooperation with qualified bleaches and dyers, can be made in many new colors, even on small pieces of fabric. Fabric research is essential to enable the customer to stand out, which is why at Parotex, it is entrusted to highly specialized staff who, based on requests, select the best fibers of the best quality and origin to make custom-made garments.

Production is a process that Parotex develops strictly in Italy in its own factory. A high-tech machine park in the weaving room allows weaving at different heights for maximum versatility. Nothing is left to chance; all stages of the supply chain are checked so that each one is perfectly compliant with Parotex’s quality standards, including shipping, which must be handled relatively quickly, including samples. Parotex’s “made-to-measure” is product uniqueness; it promises quality, a true tailoring job offered exclusively to all professional customers.

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