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Who We Are

Who We Are

Parotex is an Italian textile manufacturer for industrial laundry, hotels and restaurants.

It was founded in 1976 by Gelmino Rovea and partners. The main activity was to provide to primary companies in the accommodation industry. The strong passion and capacity to look towards the future has allowed Parotex, in this sector, to become quickly the leader in the production and sale of textile products.

Today the company is the exclusive property of the Rovea family. Together with Gelmino Rovea there are the sons Stefania and Andrea, who give their valuable support, in order to build a more and more efficient company by investing in people, technology and research.

From these key points of Parotex’s company vision, CASAROVEA was born in 2010, a brand equipped with an image, a product and service dedicated to international markets, with the objective to offer Italian quality and style for table, bedding and bathroom soft furnishings to the best hotels and restaurants in the world.